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So, you are looking to purchase a horse but the market is just too scary with so many genetic diseases popping up.  Truth is, most of the gentic diseases have been around for 100's of years and people have been buying horses all those years too - the difference is buying a horse pre-2018 it was kind of like playing Russian roulette - you never knew when you were going to end up with a major problem - then that horse would be a writeoff and you would move on to purchasing another - now in 2018 with genetic testing you can narrow the odds a lot - you still cannot elimate the chance of buying a horse with issues but you can avoid some obvious ones.

Obviously the ideal choice is to find a horse you like and then run every available genetic test avaialble to the breed at the time - but other factors usually come into play - either there is no time to run the tests or financially it is not feasible, so what to do?

We have put together a checklist / buyers guide for buying in today's market to help those who wish to do their best to buy without spending a fortune.  The guide is not foolproof but it should narrow down your chances of purchasing a horse with problems considerably.  We do charge a modest fee of $10 for the guide for non-members and $5 for members but we think you will find it well worth the expense.  This guide is best suited to broke horses - we are working on a Guide for weamlings, yearlings and unbroke horses as to and will put it up as soon as it is ready.



When you click the Buy Now Button - you will be taken to PayPal - and once your $10 payment is completed - the PDF file for the Checklist will be sent to your email - or you will receive a download link in your email.  Please contact us if you do not receive it within 30 minutes.


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