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I have always loved puzzles and this one was the grandaddy of all puzzles.  

At the beginning of the public announcements of the PSSM1 findings the scientists published a paper and in it they published some pedigree charts.  The charts had no names but did have some initials.  Below is one of those charts.

Well every good puzzle has edge pieces (reference points) so we made two assumptions to try to find the horses in this pedigree.  One we had always suspected Midnight for some form of PSSM - we looked at this chart - and then made the assumption that PM was Peter McCue, and the next son was Badger 3 (also known as Grey Badger).

You'd think it was a needle in a haystuck with the million + registered quarter horses but actually when I started looking into it there were only a few horses in Midnights pedigree that could even be considered and actually managed to find quite a few horses in this chart - I have entered thousand of horses in this line to narrow these horses down and you would be amazed at how many you can be pretty sure are the right ones.

The results of this project will be accessible by members in the near future.


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