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PSSM Pedigree Analysis

Fill out this form to receive a Pedigree Analysis on what PSSM we see in your horse's background.
We will check for PSSM 1 and 2

We cannot predict a positive horse (see article on Why We Cannot Predict Positives).

What we can do is give you a fairly good idea on PSSM1
and for PSSM2 our info is getting better all the time - for now we would give you
all flags that show up on the pedigree for P2, P3, P4, P8, K1 and Px.
If a horse is positive, or he has positive offspring or he has positive grandoffspring or positive great grand offspring the database puts up a flag.

DISCLAIMER: BRIDGEquine cannot be held liable for and financial decisons or emotional suffering resulting from decisions made using info from our site.

The cost for the Pedigree Analysis for PSSM 1 & 2 is $18.00 for Non Members & $10.00 for Members.
MEMBERS make sue you login to order your reports - otherwise you will not receive your discount.

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