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Searching online is no longer available.  The Database was started as a personal research project.  As it grew it became apparent that it could help many horses and horse owners if they could look up genetic information to help them make decisions for care for their horses, for breeding and for purchasing.  It has always been a hard line to walk trying to provide info while not upsetting some individuals.  Most breeders are fine with sharing their results, but there are a few that wish to have their info kept private.   For those horses I marked them private in my database and they were not to be uploaded but I have recently found there was a gltch in my software that allowed people to access horses marked private.   Despite the fact that it states clearly on the site that this info is for private use only and no screen shots are to be published - someone has ruined it for all.  Someone did find the glitch, screenshotted the horse and put it out on facebook and it has upset people.  Very very unfortunate.

I have purposefully never published lists.  Again, the goal has always been to help horses and horse owners individually.  Never was there ever any intention of defaming any particular horse.  When giving reports about genetic issues in the background I always try to end with "Even if a horse has positive parents, unless on is homozygous for any gentic issue the foal can always have a chance of being nn - if you like the horse, just test to be sure they are clear."   

I saw the terrible thing that happened with Impressive when genetic testing first became available and the wholesale way people started avoiding the lines, even though testing was available and one could easily buy an nn Impressive bred horse.  As a side note my favorite lines are the Impressives.  Genetic testing has does wonders for the horse industry.  It has also devastated a lot of people.   I was hoping I could achieve a balance of helping without upsetting, but at this time it looks like that is not possible with having people have access to the database.  

I will continue researching and entering horses.  All lifetime memberships will be able to order free reports for as long as I am alive, and I will do my best to pass the database on to a responsible party to continue providing information.  All current memberships will also be honored with free reports.   You can just email me, facebook me or use the add a horse feature which will be updated to allow information requests for members within the next week.  For all others folks and memberships purchased from this time on they will have to use the report request forms.   Member reports will still be considerably cheaper than public reports.    I am very sorry to have to go this route but it is the only way I can track who gets info and what they do with it.  These changes will be implemented immediately.   They will take about a week to complete.


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