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HERDA stands for Hereditary Equine Eegional Eermal Asthenia - it is a recessive disease  Genetic Testing is Available

HERDA is horrific genetic disease which causes
skin lesions and ulcerations, poor healing and scarring of wounds, and skin sloughing along the back of affected horses beginning around 1.5-2 years of age and progressively worsening over time. Most HERDA foals are euthanized as soon as they are diagnosed.  There is no treatment.  It is similar to WFFS (Warmblood Fragile Foal Syndrome which has symptoms which start earlier)

HERDA is found in quarter horses and breeds with QH influence (Paints, Appaoosas, etc.) IT is prevalent in the Cutting discipline. The carrier frequency is about 3.5% in Quarter Horses, with an incidence of over 25% in Cutting horses and has been traced back to Poco Bueno.  It is one of the test required by all breeding stallions for the 5 panel of tests. 

HERDA has been traced back to King, specifically through Poco Bueno.

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