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P2 is a PSSM2 variant - it is a dominant disease  Genetic Testing is Available

The symptoms for a P2 horse are similar to PSSM1 horses.     Symptoms include weird things like, being "cinchy, rock hard tense muscles, mysterious lameness, hard to get on a certain lead, bucking when they lope, bunny hopping, many other strange symptoms including muscle divoting, exercise intolerance and changes in temperament . With a change of feed and exercise many horses show dramatic improvement and go on to live very useful lives while some do actually have to be put down from this disease.  P2 on its own can cause severe symptoms.

What breeds does it Affect?  
To date it has been found in Quarter Horses, Paints, Appaloosas, POAs,  Arabians, Paso Finos, Hanoverians, Oldenburgs, Holsteiners and Thoroughbreds

Is the source horse known?

  • Not at this time.  More info is coming in all the time - we will update here when we have more answers. 

    How and Where can I test for it?

    PSSM2 variant P2 is only testable through the Equseq research lab a this time.

Is there treatment for it?

For more comprehensive helpclick the link at the right - Getting Help for Your Horse.

BRIDGE is trying to shed light on these bloodlines by asking anyone with a tested P2 positive horse to send their info to BRIDGE (email: foals@manitobahorse.com) or contact us through facebook so we can add the bloodlines to our database to help show a clear picture of which horses have the bloodlines which are carrying this.  If you prefer to have your info kept private you can still send it to us and we will keep it in our Private Database and use it for research otherwise it will go into the online database available to registered members.

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