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How can Pedigree Analysis help my lame horse?

Genetic Defects

Why is it important to know if your horse has genetic defects?
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Genetic Assets

Genetics can help with desirable traits too ...
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Color Genetics

Genetics are not only useful for detecting genetic diseases and genetic assets
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Why Is It Important to know if your horse has genetic defects?

There are many reasons, here are just a few:

- Some health risks can kill your horse if not handled properly.  eg  If your horse would have PSSM and HYPP (quite common) the tried and true fix for a horse having an HYPP attack (Karo Syrup) can trigger a

PSSM attack that could be just as serious or even fatal.

- PSSM symptoms can easily, and have often been misdiagnosed as Colic, laminitus, and myriad of other expenisve to diagnose rmuscle injuries and many people have spent alot of money on vets only to come to the realization that a $40 test could have given them the answer they were looking for. 

- Genetic testing can help you avoid problems later when purchasing a horse.

- Genetic testing can help you make good breeding decisions. 

To learn more about specifc issues click the small arrow on the GENETIC ISSUES link in the main menu above.

We track all the issues listed on this site.  If you see something missing that you would like us to track, please contact us.


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