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The modifeiers are a large group in the gentic color spectrum that do all kinds of things to the horses color.

Modifiers include:Dun, Roan and Grey or Gray - we have given grey a page of its own.

Dun - Dun is a modifier that can be applied to any color.  Dun puts a noticeable stripe down the horse's back and darkens the legs.  Usually you will also see zebra striping, sometimes shoulder barring, sometimes darker ear tips and sometimes even masking on the face. In times past buckskins were mistakenly called duns. One does have to be careful because horses can also sometimes have a dorsal strip and not have a dun gene.
Duns always must have at least one&nbsp;parent that is a dun.</p>
Dun always shows itself, it cannot hide.

eg. of duns
Red Dun |ee and dnDN| or |ee and dnDN| either of these could also be aa, Aa, or AA for agouti and you would not see any difference.
Black Dun (called grullo for males and Grulla for females) |Ee and dnDN and aa| or |Ee and DNDN and aa|

Roan - Roan is a Modifier that can be applied to any color.  Roans have white hairs mixed in with their body color hair (not to be confused with greys) Roans heads and legs are usually darker with much less or no white hairs mixed in.
Roans must have at least one roan parent - Roan always shows itself and cannot hide.

Red Roan |ee and RNrn and aa or Aa or AA| or |ee and RNRN aa or Aa or AA|
Black Roans are usually referred to as Blue Roans |Ee or EE and RNrn or RNRN and aa|
Bay Roans |Ee or EE and RNrn or RNRN and Aa or AA|

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