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So at BRIDGEquine .com we have been working hard on the IMM results - People have speculated that Peppy San Badger was positive - I don't like working on speculation and at BRIDGE the goals are to collect enough data to be able to be reasonably sure where testing is not available.  After entering a lot of Peppy San Badger's offspring it would seem very likely he was n/MYHM (Of course one cannot say with 100% certainly unless he was tested).  

There are two main reasons why it seems highly likely he was positive:
1.)Tested and concluded positive offspring numbers:
Remembering that there are not a lot of his offspring tested, what we do see though is that 16 of his daughter's had positive foals, 6 of his offspring were for sure positive
If including the second generation there are more test results and we see 30 had positive foals, and 32 were positive, only 21 nn - the only 21 nn is very telling.   32 positives with only 21 negatives is a very strong case.
If including the 3rd generation there are 52 with positive foals, 61 positive, 57 tested nn again a very strong case. 
2.) Eye witness account that he was almost lost to strangles at one point in his life.  
Also in the early stages Peppy San Badger was labelled as likely PSSM1 positive - with the research we have done it seems very very unlikely that he was P1 positive.   PSSM2 does seem to be on the radar - He sired a lot of buckers and many sons were mean and very hard headed and hard to trajn.
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